Welcome to C-CAP, the Comprehensive-Child Assessment Program.

Software designed to determine the strengths and weaknesses
of a child and their family.

Created by Alliance for Behavioral Care, Inc.

The C-CAP is a computerized assessment program for child and family-focused evaluations. It is designed to screen a child and family's level of functioning across a wide range of domains. While it incorporates existing standardized assessment instruments, the C-CAP integrates these results with extensive interview information to yield a reliable and pragmatic picture of the child and their environment.

The C-CAP was designed to:
  • Assess the needs of a child from birth to age 18
  • Present the strengths and weaknesses of the child and his/her family
  • Predict problem areas
  • Assess level of risk for harm to self, others and property
  • Provide recommendations for a plan of care
  • Generate a modifiable report for presentation to the court or child welfare agency

The C-CAP uses a comprehensive assessment protocol, standardized test instruments and organized strategies to produce a written report with recommendations for plan of care. This report is essential to sound treatment planning and interfaces well with existing community services and providers to achieve family re-unification goals. Background information is obtained from a variety of sources, including formal assessment with face-to-face interviews with the child, family and collateral sources.

The Comprehensive-Child Assessment Program protocol has five administrative sections, nine modules and twenty-nine screening summaries. A summary (snapshot) of the individual's level of functioning is provided to help visualize the child's current state and immediate needs. For those teens over fourteen, information on vocational interests is also provided.
Why the C-CAP is the Best Choice
  • Portable, designed to use on a laptop in the field
  • Standardizes assessments across agencies
  • Provides quick, reliable, editable reports in a consistent format
  • Can export data to track clients or to obtain desired information
  • Yields concrete, utilizable recommendations for child and family
  • Provides baseline results which simplifies future evaluations
  • Meets Medicaid requirements
  • Clinical and technical support is provided
  • Produces highly consistent results among evaluators
  • Is a 360 degree view of child and family with information from multiple sources
  • Includes a graphic representation/snapshot of strengths and weaknesses of child and family
  • Uses a modular approach for organizing the evaluation process which allows the evaluator to easily move between information modules
  • Shortens report writing process from days to only a few hours
  • Allows the evaluator to assess multiple families simultaneously